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Rossport may be a small hamlet but we punch well above our size for things to do. As a gateway to the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area, one of the world’s largest areas of protected fresh water, Rossport is truly blessed to lie on its pristine shores. Here, the lake is a beautifully deep crystal blue, often being able to look straight to the bottom and the fish, if you know where to look, are bountiful! 

On land Rossport is the trailhead for the 53 kilometer Casque Isle Trail which winds past deserted gold mines, prehistoric fossil deposits, old trapper’s cabins and ancient caves emblazoned with pictographs. We are also currently developing our own Rossport Coastal Trail which will be a short hike along the north shore of the lake heading east. 


In Rossport, adventure isn’t a thrill seeking activity, it's a way of life.


My buddy Zack is world class in the realm of kayaking. Having led tours in more places than I could name, he now offers daily and multi-day tours in addition to rentals out of Rossport.



Bring sturdy hiking boots and your camera because you will not want to miss the beautiful views and local wildlife on these trails around Rossport.

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Pottery Shop

I’ve known Tim my whole life and am always overcome with wonder when I step into his space. A well known artist in Thunder Bay and on the North Shore, Tim channels the boundless energy of the lake from his perch atop Nicol Island.


The Beach

Rossport Beach is a true hidden gem. A sandy beach with a sandbar that extends far into the lake itself is ideal for swimming, wading, or just enjoying the sun and a cool breeze. If we could, we'd be there every nice day!

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